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1.Are you troubled by spending too much time to clean the makeup brushes?
Now! It is no longer your troubles. This cleaner tool will make you keep away from that. it is easy to operate, quickly clean and dry in seconds.
2.Do you clean your makeup brushes in a Healthy Way?
The general cleaning can/'t clean cosmetics residue, bacteria, oil, dirt, and dead skin. while using them to makeup, will cause secondary damage to your skin.
The machine has a strong motor and uses high-speed rotation, fast depth to clean all the stains on the comb.
3.Keep your dressing table orderly and neat
Someone will complain about too many different sizes of makeup brushes and collars so that the dressing table is too messy.
Unique collar stand can effectively place collars and makeup brushes, no longer worry about them scattered anywhere.
How to Use:
1.Fill the jar with rinsing, install the brush and put it in the jar.
2.Press the start button and rotate the brush.
3.Press the button and stop rotating.
4.Throw out the dirty water.
5.Put in brush into the jar and start rotating to dry water.

Name: Electric scrubber (washing brush artifact)
Packing: Carton packaging, inside: Machine One tow 3 silicone transparent cans (not broken) Dry electricity (2 7th dry batteries need to be purchased)
Product Category: Makeup Brush
Set of brush count: 3
Brush material: nylon
Brush type: carton
Handle material: plastic
Handle specifications: portable
Hair length specifications: none
Overall length specification: 7cm
Applicable people: General
Appearance color: black

Package Content:
1 x Makeup Brush Cleaner
1 x Brush Spinner Bowl
1 x Collars Stand
3 x Brush Collars 

Professional Electric Auto Make Up Brushes Washing Tool

SKU: professional-electric-auto-mak600226670
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